From 2007 up to today…

I started Tango dancing in 2007 and wore shoes available in the market.

Since my profession was a stylist, those shoes I wore did not appeal neither to my taste nor my soul. Then I decided to design and produce my own shoes. As my first job, I opened my first shop in Istanbul, in Moda after I established my company and registered my brand immediately.

Each of my masters works extremely carefully and meticulously in their work. All the materials we use, i.e. leathers, heels are the highest quality materials available in the market.
Today, we are at a level that can compete with most renowned global brands in the world; and we are a giant team of 6 people as the “main team”.

We are a team that can show the same care and love to our work, may it be 1 pair or 100 pairs…
You will not regret knowing us…

We are very happy to meet you.

I, Handan Tanir,
Welcome to Tanguera