Our store serves 6 days a week
Since our workshops are in the same building, our masters can intervene immediately when necessary.

Women’s, men’s and children’s dance shoes are available in the store. We have 350 pairs of shoes on the shelves. Of course, during busy times, this number drops quite a bit… Shelves are refreshed continuously with new models in different colors… I don’t like to produce the same models over and over again…

You can make payment by credit card in our store. If you want you can make instant transfer or pay in cash. It’s entirely up to you.

When you place an order, we work on normal dance shoes without a deposit, except for bridal shoes. You pay when you deliver your shoes.

Dealing with us is extremely easy. We will not make you unhappy. Our store is air-conditioned and you can choose your comfortable shoes without any hesitation and consult me.

See you 🙂