Çok çok teşekkürler Handancığım, mücevher gibi olmuş ayakkabılarım. Emeğinize sağlık canım benim.

Sevkan A. O.

It Amazing!

I love it since the first time! I every time that i use it for the show, every lady love them too! In Istanbul in Italy and Austria and New Zealand.

Yanina Q.

Handan Hanım öncelikle fotoğraf çekemedim en kısa zamanda ileteceğim. Siyah olanı giyiyorum. Yeni gelen ayakkabılar kalıp olarak inanılmazlar. ❤️ tam ayaklarıma göre o kadar güzel sarıyor ki, yoklarmış gibi dans ediyorum. Geçen seferki de çok iyiydi ama bu gelenler harika ötesi.

Sibel D.

Hallo Handan,

Die Schuhe sind unversehrt eingetroffen, vielen Dank dafür!

Die Schuhe sind wunderschön und passen wie angegossen!

Da ich noch nie Erfahrung mit einem Kauf aus dem Ausland gemacht habe, war ich etwas skeptisch, bitte nichts für ungut!

Ich bin sicher, dass diese Schuhe nicht die letzten sein werden, die ich bei Ihnen beziehen werde.

Vielen Dank und

schöne Grüße


Good evening, Handan!

The shoes arrived today and they are absolutely stunning!

Thank you for everything, I very much appreciate what you do, so please keep up the wonderful work, cause you are definitely special and make a lot of people happy by proudly wearing your shoes!

Best regards,

Hallo liebe Handan, vorgestern sind unsere Schuhe angekommen…sie passen sehr gut und sehen natürlich super aus. Vielen lieben Dank an deine Meister für die tolle Verarbeitung und an dich für den schnellen Versand. Wir haben uns sehr gefreut, c Möchtest du noch Fotos von uns?
Liebe Grüße

Angela und Torsten
Dearest Handan,

Your beautiful Jewels have arrived and have tried them now and they fit beautifully and comfortably. Thank you! could not have received more beautiful pair. And am so happy with my bag, shoe horn, brush and laces. Thank you dearest Handan very much.

Hello Handan!!!

I received my new shoes in the mail on Friday and wore them to the dance on Saturday!!! 😍🎉 I love them!!! They were completely comfortable for the whole milonga! They look even better in reality than in the photo!!! The workmanship is exquisite. I love the colors!!! They were a big hit. I passed on your name and spoke of how professional you were.
Thank you for sending the shoes so quickly and also for the time you took with me. Your thoughtful, creative ideas to ensure that the shoes were going to be comfortable were very appreciated.
Thank you again

Dear Handan, I just wanted to let you know that I’ve received my new shoes not only are they incredibly beautiful, so well-made, and the perfect size, they are also the most comfortable shoes I have ever danced on! Thank you again for all your help.
Warm regards,
Hello dear Handan! I got the shoes, they are divine! Thanks a lot!!! Last weekend in our tango-community was a workshop with Argentinian José Almar. I was in the spotlight thanks to the shoes. Everyone was interested in them. I made a lot of ads for you! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. I wish you health, peace, kindness and many loyal customers!
I’m very impressed with its quality – very soft and elastic! You truly care about the quality of your shoes.
Thank you very much!
My colleague Elena (Елена) shared her invaluable feeling of how much comfort, freedom, and self-confidence a tango dancer can experience thanks to high-quality professional shoes. On behalf of Elena, I would kindly like to convey sincere and deep gratitude to Handan Tanır / TANGUERA DANCE SHOES for her talent in creating shoes for dancers, attention to the smallest details, and excellent customer service.
Qualche anno fa le ho ordinate dall Italia…. Ed ho avuto una grande soddisfazione…

Vi svelo un segreto… Fanno una grande invidia a chi non le ha!!!   Ho pensato che ne riordinero un secondo paio!!!!  Handan Tanır Tutta verità cara Handan…. si vede! la tua bella anima, traspare dalle tue creazioni, complimenti

You have the most beautiful shoes ever!!!!!!!

You are such a beautiful person from the inside and the outside, you make beautiful work and for me you are an example of the strong powerful woman ! I love your “Art” and your shoes are the best   sending you big hugs…
Christina, thank you very much for the shoes!!!

After a test in one practice and two milongas – everything is perfect!

At first they sat down tightly, but on the third time they already hugged the foot softly and comfortably.

Graceful heel – my personal fetish – thin, neat.

I was worried about landing: I have a high rise and a high arch. I chose the most convenient model for myself according to past experience, while the vault lay perfectly, without gaps. The foot is completely attached to the shoe.

Resilience – 5+

Received a lot of compliments

Bottom line: the production is excellent, there are no questions about the quality of execution.

Little things that decide :-)) :

– the bag for the shoes is canvas and this is important: so the shoes will be ventilated very quickly and remain in excellent condition. And it is also very roomy – a top with a skirt or a compact dress can easily fit there.

– no need to punch holes in the strap!!! They are all perfectly pierced in production.

I am satisfied one hundred percent.

Thinking about my next order!”

Handan Tanır, I love that you don’t sell me shoes that wouldn’t fit me in a long run. Every pair I bought from you have been great and I wear them all.
Handan Hanım Merhabalar,

Ayakkabılar elime ulaştı. Ayağıma tam oldu. Çok güzeller, çok beğendim, çook mutluyum 🙂 Size ve ustaya çok teşekkür ederim, emeğinize, ellerinize sağlık!

Good day!

I have got your wonderful shoes. I what should I say, they are all extremely perfect. I would like to order some others models if it’s possible.

Hey Handan!

Thank you for the shoes! They are gorgeous! And im impressed how stable they are, been dancing all my life with such instable shoes, guess it was good to build up the stability I have now haha.

I’m so excited for my new shoes, I can hardly wait!

You’re the designer. I trust you to make them beautiful. Thanks!

Thank you Handan for the wonderful shoes!
S. Monari
Liebe Handan, die Schuhe sind heute angekommen und sie sind alle wunder wunderschöön!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Meine Passen ganz hervorrangend, alles ist perfekt!

Thank you so much! It’s the first time I walk in these shoes and they are so so soft! Like walking on a plush carpet!
Я очень рада удобным и креативным туфелькам всегда! Они великолепны, как всегда!
Zhanna K.
Absolute gorgeousness every time Handan Tanir.
Ayu P.D.
This THINK PINK sole is really amazing, so elegant  … Thank you for the advice Handan
I hope a lot of girls and women will shine while dancing tango in them
Jasmina M.
Liebe Tanguera Danceshoes, ich habe grade die wunderschöne und perfekt passende Schuhe bekommen! Ich bin so glücklich und fühle mich wie eine Weltberühmte Tangotänzerin wenn ich die Schuhe an habe! Vielen Dank!!!
Ade A.
Wunderschöne Schuhe   wieder ein neues tolles Paar dazubekommen.
Danke Handan
Maren F.
Handan- exquisite- you really are “the artiste” of tango shoes.
Jonathan E.J.
Gülen E.
Flying with your amazing shoes! Thanks you! ❤️
Jacqueline L.
Hiç bu kadar rahat edeceğimi beklemezdim yüksek topukta 💫👏🏻
Lemis T.G.
Thank you Handan Tanir for wonderful shoes! Can’t wait to try them on Milonga!

Пусть поскорее наступит время встреч, улыбок, дружеских объятий! Всем здоровья!.

Gaukhar K.
Love you Handan ❤️ thank you for this perfect slim THINK PINK shoes 🌸 There is still no tango in Antwerp, but I am ready and waiting for the milonga. Hopefully, soon!!!
Jasmina M.
I am so happy with the red pair I picked up last March.! Only compliments on how elegant and beautifully assembled they are. They too are comfortable. Thank you Handan looking forward to seeing you again.!
Camilo R.
Şimdiye dek çok fazla tango ayakkabısı araştırdım ama hiçbir yerde bu kadar farklı model ve güzel tasarım ayakkabıları bir arada görmedim. Kalitesinden bahsetmeye bile gerek duymuyorum; zira dünya tercih ediyor. Tüm raflara saldırmak yerine kendinizi Handan Hanım’ın tango ayakkabısı konusundaki bilgisine bırakmanızı öneririm. Öyle güzel yönlendiriyor ve bilgiler veriyor ki nokta atışıyla ayağınıza ve gönlünüze en uygun ayakkabıyla mağazadan ayrılıyorsunuz. İşini iyi yapan insanları seviyor ve onlara saygı duyuyorum.
Yasemin B.
Aldığım ayakkabılarda her zaman memnun kaldığım tek adres. Tanguera çalışanlarına ilgilerinden ve alakalarından ötürü çok ama çok teşekkür ederim. 👌🏻👌🏻
Ever After High Official
Fiyatı kalitesi ayrıca handan hanımın ilgisi süper. Sadece telefonla tamda istediğimiz renk ve numarada ayakkabıya sahip olduk. Tekrar teşekkürler…
Duygudilara S.
Kişiye özel çok estetik tango ayakkabıları yapan bir mağaza ve işletmecisi çok şeker biri 🌸
Gülşen K.
Bu kadar fazla ve kaliteli çeşidin bir arada olması ve tabi ki verilen hizmetin bu kadar kaliteli olmasından dolayı memnun kaldık çok teşekkür ederiz.
Hamile olabilirsiniz…
Ayaklarınız balon gibi şişiyor olabilir… Amaaaa@tangueram sizi şık göstermenin her zaman bir yolunu bulur😎
When you are pregnant your feet may seem like a baloon but@tangueram will always
make you stylish and elegant😍😍😍
Leda A.
❤️ Hello Handan! How are you?! I can’t wait to order some more shoes soon. This is my favorite style. I am in love with your shoes. I hope you won’t change them… the sole gives the best line for my foot and leg. I can’t wear any other Tango shoe! Only you! I am devoted!!!!
Justine S.
Hi Handan!
I wanted to let you know that I got the shoes today 😍 they are absolutely gorgeous and I love them very much! Another addition to my Tanguera collection 😍😍
Mariya K.
Good morning , I received my shoes , it’s so beautiful I like it , I will send you the pic once I get back to my home , thank you again 😍❤
Wafa E.K.
This pair is unbelievably comfortable!! I never thought this material is more comfortable than leather.
Irina P.
I got shoes Handan! Fit perfectly but I ha e not dance in them yet😊Thank you! Will do dance test on Saturday.
Natalia Z.
Handan hanım merhaba
Ayakkabılarımdan çok memnun kaldım tekrar çok teşekkür ederim😊
Ayşe E.
Liebe Handan, ich habe am Samstag in deinen Schuhe Getanzt! Super gehalten, bequem!!! Danke nochmals für super Schuhe!
Adelina A.
Dear Handan, I am forwarding you the picture as a highly satisfied customer.
Dominika G.
Hello Handan! Sorry I was traveling!
The shoes arrived and I am IN LOVE with them
they are perfect…
I will send pictures soon!
Justine S.
Dear Handan,

I received my shoes last week. Thank you so much. I am truly impressed how my shoes fit me perfectly without you seeing me in person. I haven’t tried to danced in them yet. But I am sure it would be great.

A. S.
I don’t just like your shoes :)) they became a part of me , this is how i feel ❤ My son, who is 15 now wants to buy me a pair for Mother’s day now :)) He doesn’t really understands why i like to dance so much but he figured the shoes are important 😝 I will send you the measurements and style numbers soon . Thank you so much for quick reply.
D. L.
Hi Handan,
I received the shoes today. They are beaitiful and perfect fit.
Thank you so much.
Custom made #handcrafted by the gold-handed Handan @tangueram, right in time for #chelondontangofestival
There’s only one little problem… Which pair to wear first? @ London, United Kingdom
K. K.
Dear Handan, I went to pick up the package this morning.
Here are the shoes…I feel like cinderella! Thank you 🥰
M. C.
Hello Handan! Sorry I was traveling!
The shoes arrived and I am IN LOVE with them
they are perfect…
I will send pictures soon!
Justine S.
Thank you Handan for the most perfect tango shoes .
It has been a pleasure meeting you. Looking forward to order my next pair
H. H.
To my opinion, the most beautiful shoes in the world. With them , I don’t dance Tango…..I fly. Thank you to have help me reach my dream.
Y. d. T.