By purchasing any item from our “” website you agree to our Terms and Conditions:

The transferred net amount will be the exact value of the goods purchased. Any bank transfer commissions or similar charges will be paid by the purchaser

We do not refund money.

Refunds do not apply for International Bank Transfer orders since the transaction costs are too high to refund.

Exchange/Return Policy for Purchased Items
For proper exchange of shoes please carefully read our return policy. Returning shoes is possible ONLY when you act according to our return policy. If you do not follow our instructions we will not handle your return and/or this will result in extra unnecessary costs, for which you will be accounted for.

Exchange and/or return of shoes are accepted in case of faulty workmanship or material. No returns are accepted for custom made shoes.
Shoes can only be returned in perfect untouched, unscratched condition. So be careful when trying on the shoes.
Only after we received back your shoes you can select any new pair, size or color.

You can select any new model from our current online stock.
Sales items can be returned/exchanged but ALL shipping costs (back and forth) will be on your behalf.
If you wish to receive new items with a higher cost price then you ordered, you will need to pay the price difference.
No price differences are refunded for exchanged items, so make sure you select a new article with at least a similar price as the one you purchased.

Concerning Delivery/Shipping Terms
Goods can be delayed by postal services or local Customs authorities. Although most parcels are delivered in time, we cannot be held responsible if delays occur.

As long as we can offer you a valid Shipping Receipt, by International law, you are responsible for obtaining/receiving the parcel correctly. So make sure you enter a valid postal address, and preferably an address where somebody is present during working hours, for example your working address.

If you made an error in the shipping address please contact us directly.

All goods are shipped insured. So in the unfortunate case that goods went missing we will process a claim at the shipper company. There is a side note to that, because postal services can take up to max 3 months to process claims and we have to wait their decision upon how to handle the claim.

Your authorities might charge you import duties. We cannot be held responsible for any local tax fees. We can’t pay this customs fees.